When is VPS the best option?

At the highest level, all hosting plans can be divided into shared packages, VPS and VDS. Customers usually upgrade through these three levels with VPS being the second leg of their development process. But for ecommerce clients it’s usually advised to start off right with VPS in the first place since VPS guarantees much more security.

Benefits of VPS plans

First, VPS plans offer the ability to configure the server architecture just the way you want it to work. This will require pretty in-depth tech skills, so that’s not for newbies.

Second, VPS assures a much higher security, which is a must-have for ecommerce and similar businesses who routinely deal with customers’ financial data.

Third, such packages usually enable a high level of scalability, delivering all those resources required for the site to continue working fine. This means that your site will never slow down even during the periods of extremely high peak traffic you experience.

Though VPS costs more than shared options, it can be a good idea to start with the first sublevel and help your site shine with a high download speed even for the first visitors to your site.