When is VDS the best pick?

All hosting plans can be divided into 3 big baskets: shared, VPS and VDS. The virtual dedicated server (VDS) hosting is the most expensive option out of the three, and it brings forward all of the benefits that other baskets have, with the ability to physically control the whole server machine on top of that.

Why is VDS better than VPS?

Both packages function thanks to the virtualization technology that enables you to create a virtual operating system on top of the physical server machines. But it’s only with VDS packs that you can actually control the physical machine on which your website is hosted.

Even though the providers take a great effort in order to assure that your site can’t be hacked through the physical machines they operate, things happen. VDS eliminates any chance of such an attack with you having full control over all things server.

The conventional wisdom is that VDS is for big enterprises with millions of visitors per day. That’s not the case anymore. Even if you run a smaller online store, it can be good to manage your own machine, assuring a higher security for all your operations.