How to choose hosting for a medium site?

Whenever you are looking for a new hosting plan that’s going to be perfect for your medium-size site, you’re bound to wonder whether you need VPS or VDS. In our opinion, VDS should be used only in those cases when you work with highly sensitive data, or when your business is just so large in size that it doesn’t feel right to continue working off from VPS.

Thus, VPS is the best way to go.

Benefits of VPS for a medium-sized online business

First, it’s security which is paramount for any business starting to attract a decent following online.

Second, it’s more flexibility in your efforts to configure the server just the way you it to work (provided that you pick an unmanaged plan).

Third, you’ll have more resources at your disposal and no risk that your site will slow down because other users consume too much resources which usually happens at shared plans.

Today, most hosting providers enable a ladder of sublevels within the VPS segment, so that you can move through them smoothly and without much effort, always getting just the right amount of resources for enabling high-speed serving of your site’s pages.