When is managed hosting the best option?

If you are searching for that perfect plan that suits your project to the max, you’ll find yourself surrounded with all kinds of technical indicators, features and types of plans. On top of that, each plan is divided into managed and unmanaged options. The former means that the provider will take care of all technical issues for you, while the latter leaves all the decisions with you.

Benefits of managed plans

First, if you are a newbie, this is the only option for you to pick, because otherwise you’ll find yourself dealing with all kinds of technical and coding-related questions. To understand the inner workings of those, you’ll need dozens of hours.

Second, with the managed plan, you’ll get much more security which is super-important with so many sites being hacked on a daily basis. Even if you know your way around the servers, there’s always the chance that hackers will enter your site via some newly discovered backdoors and steal sensitive data. And with the managed plan, you get more protection because the hosting provider will make sure that they fix any sort of vulnerabilities you might have before it goes widely abused by hackers out there.