When is unmanaged hosting the best choice?

All hosting plans out there are divided into managed and unmanaged options. In the managed scenario, your hosting provider deals with all the technical issues and you can focus on building your online presence. Meanwhile, if you are extremely good with servers, you should go for an unmanaged option.

Benefits of unmanaged options

First, you’ll continue learning new stuff, beefing up your skills on the current best practices in server side.

Second, you’ll be able to configure the server, so that it perfectly matches your unique needs. The speed with which database queries are processed, use of JSON vs PHP, type of control panel you play with – all of this matters and impacts the user experience in a big way.

Third, unmanaged packages are always cheaper because you don’t have to pay for tech support by the host’s team.

Sometimes, when you’ve picked the managed plan, you might still want to get some assistance from your provider. Some of the companies are more willing to take an extra mile than others. Talk to the team in order to clarify this point in advance.